Read First

I’m not a “beach person.” Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you the same thing : “She’s not the beach-going type.” And normally I wouldn’t disagree with their statement of facts, if not for what happened.

Last week my life changed forever.

On an almost-Summer evening, after work, I was so wrapped up in writing I ended up on a train going in the wrong direction and found myself at the beach. Normally, I would’ve turned around and gone back the way I came, only, this night was anything but normal.

The sun was setting and I’ll admit I was hypnotized by the colors it left in the sky.

I decided to walk along the boardwalk, which then led to walking along the sand, getting about as close as one could get to the water without getting wet. And that’s when I saw it. Its neck poking out of the sand catching the last glimmer of sunset.

I’d heard of finding a “note in a bottle” in movies and I even remember once coming across a true story about it, but the details of that less than usual event escapes me now.

I took a chance this was “something” and began digging. What I found and what I’ve been receiving ever since is nothing short of a miracle, a curse, or just unbelievable.

I leave you, the reader, to decide for yourself.

I am the Messenger, and these are the stories as told to me by X, an Historian…of sorts…

Here is the letter in the bottle transcribed:

To Whoever should find this

If you’re reading this it means I’m not as ‘lost’ as I thought! Then again, you might find this and think, “This is a joke” and throw my letter out. For the sake of my sanity and your humanity, I’m going to hope the former turns out to be true.
My name is…well, that’s not important right now. What’s important is, I’m trapped. I don’t exactly know where I am or how I got here, all I know is I can’t leave.
I’ve been here for what seems like an eternity, attempting to blend into my surroundings. I discovered an abandoned house (picture enclosed) of which no one seems to go near. Rumor has it it’s haunted but I don’t scare so easy.
I’m afraid I may be stuck here forever. No one here seems interested, like I am, in leaving. It’s filled with the strangest of people living in a state of either despair or death. Very little grey area in a town so devoid of hopes and dreams.
While I know my fate is sealed I see the soulless and unnatural things happening all around me and I feel compelled to write it all down. I must tell their story, and if I’m right, you can read them, and share them. An Historian, of sorts, to a Messenger.
You’re their only hope of never being forgotten. And if I’m honest with myself, you’re mine too.
Follow the instructions as I’ve laid out below and with any luck, you’ll hear from me again.