Posted in The Unbelievable

Heart Patch

Coasting down a deserted highway I met a hitchhiker on the side of the road. Under different circumstances I would’ve kept on driving but as my high beams illuminated him in the distance the bright red heart patch on his sleeve caught my eye.

I’d seen that jacket once before and I needed to know how he came to have it.

As he crouched low to enter my sports car I got a better look at him. Aside from his scruffy and unkempt exterior, his five o’clock shadow made him look surprisingly less menacing.

“Where you headed?” Faded from sweat stains, I was just able to read the name on the pamphlet he handed me: Killman Library. “Strange name for a library, but I’m headed in that direction. I can take you.”

For the remainder of the ride he didn’t say a word. When I asked about the jacket, the heart, a single tear rolled down his cheek.

I pulled up in front of the library at day break and asked if he wanted me to stay with him till it opened. It was at this request when he spoke these words to me:

“What I have to do you cannot see, Diane. But know he loved you dearly and sent me to tell you so.”

Without another word he exited my car. I don’t know where he went from the tears I shed. It wasn’t until I was able to drive away I noticed he left the jacket behind.


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