It was a rainy afternoon when I received yet another email from X. I had been communicating with X for quite some time now, gathering stories, many of which I still find to be far too unbelievable to even share with you. But it wasn’t until X shared his own story that I realized it was selfish of me to keep his words to myself. He’s entrusting me with the memory of these people, whether real or not, and it would be irresponsible of me to leave them in my inbox.

So, I’ll share his words. What you read is about 98% exactly what was sent. If I made any changes they were strictly for grammar and clarity. While I find X’s ability to tell a story to be exceptional, there are times even I don’t understand what he means!

As long as the correspondence keeps coming I’ll keep posting them



Name: X or the Historian

Location: Unknown

Age: Unknown






Name: E.L. Drayton or Messenger

Age: 30ish

Location: New York, NY USA