​It was difficult enough to acquire the land he wanted to better hide the heads he amassed over the years, but now the electrical currents needed to power his walk-in freezer wasn’t good enough.



The front page of the local newspaper was rumored to be so defamatory the editor was forced to hang onto the ledge of his office window until exhaustion settled in.


Little Betty Sue knew her nefarious nature would catch up with her after she killed the neighbors cat and got away with it, so she ran away at the age of sixteen when the urge to kill a human overcame her.


To undermine the Community by speaking out often led to death, but in the case of Little Susie an exception was made, so they took her tongue instead.


He had an unnatural acuity for deciphering messages, whispered by the wind, telling of death and destruction, but no one would listen.


No one knew what to make of the house inching its way towards the seashore, revealing unmarked graves in the sand with each passing day.