What made me decide to share my communications with X? Well, why not? The stories seem at least good enough to share with anyone willing to read them. Plus, “he” asked me to, and as long as it’s not harming anyone to share them, I’ll continue to do so.

Where exactly did I find this bottle? It was along the D-Line (NYC MTA). Normally, I take this train headed towards the Bronx after work, on this particular evening I descended the steps to the train going in the wrong direction, towards Brooklyn. I ended up at Coney Island!


How long was it before I followed the instructions and X reached out to me? Honestly, it took about 2 weeks before I heard back! I was just about to toss the note and the bottle when an email came through with the Subject Line: X

How often does X send me stories? I get at least five a week, sometimes more! But his grammar isn’t the best so I check them thoroughly before I share them.

Have I been able to pin-point X’s location? Not at all. X has never really told me about the area in which “he” lives except when describing to me in detail the story of yet another resident there. And while the descriptions are quite details, they don’t paint a clear picture for me of where all these people live.

Do I believe the stories X sends me? Sometimes. But I’ll never tell when those times are.

What about the bottle and the message inside it? What does it look like? While I am hesitant to share this information. I can show you an example of what it looks like. Until I think it’s necessary I’m keeping the bottle and message un-photographed.